The Mod Guide.

Since you're a funnyjunk moderator, your job is to flag anything that violates the rules below. when you press the 'flag' button, it instantly bans that user for a set amount of time for the reason you flagged them. Users can see who flagged them and the reason/comment/picture they were flagged for.

In almost every case, content that is NSFW should be flagged as 'borderline', unless it's obvious that the user is purposely breaking the rules. For Example: "[Dickbutt] MODS CANT BAN ME LOLOLOLO" Should be flagged as NSFW

Don't flag comments because of links -- links get handled separately. The one exception for that is monotization links, such as "My cousins mom makes 300 dollars an hour by sucking dicks -> read about it here!" All comments like that should be flagged for spam. Then go to their profile and flag all of their comments as spam (since those accounts always just post it over and over again)

Last Update: 01/02/2014
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The Rules


Now that you're a moderator, you have to not let your personal bias get in the way. If the comment you're looking at deserves to be banned, flag it, even if its your friend or not. You are also advised against making comments about being a moderator because it will only get you hated. If you want to go make funny commments on front page, or still associate with the community on boards and converse, that's fine, just please don't make comments about you being a mod (ITT: Ask a moderator anything; HEY GUYS IM A MOD NOW IM COOL). It angers users and they get jealous and annoyed by it. Yes, you can talk to your friends about it, but do it on profiles or over PM to minimize people hating on you for talking about it.

If you're looking at a picture and you're not sure if we would ban for it, then ask someone on the modboard. Its better to not flag it, than to flag it and piss off a user who doesn't think they deserved to be banned. Also if you repeatedly misflag things, the higher mods will take note and might remove you, so its in your best interest to not flag it unless you're sure.

With the new features that are being added, such as the IP checker, we can't let users know we have these, and we can't use them to tell other users who is who, since its technically mod abuse.
Never tell users who is who on their IP checker, since that'd be bad for them and can cause some serious shitstorms. Any mod who does this will be removed.

You can not ban any user because they ask. You can only flag the comment if it breaks the rules. People might ask you "Can you ban me for a day cuz I have to do my homework". You can't do anything about that because its technically power abuse and other users get upset when they see it. Only flag comments that break rules, don't worry about when others ask you to do shit for them. This is a free website, you are not obligated to do anything for anyone.

A few other things that you have access to. You can only flag other mods comments if the mods level is lower than yours. I.E. Phanact can flag all other mods, level 4 mods can flag level 3, 2, and 1, mods. You should only flag another mod if they break the rules. Same thing applies to them as do users. Just because you're a mod does not mean that you can freely post NSFW and spam porn on the site.

When it comes to unflagging, only unflag comments you flagged. You should never have to unflag comments, because that's what level 8-10 mods job is. Level 8-10 mods are assigned to find mods who are flagging incorrectly, and fixing it. Just because you can unflag a comment doesn't mean you should. Don't unflag your friend because he's your friend. Most likely, if any user is flagged, its for a reason.

Don't flag on mobile sites. Always use a computer, since its better and mobile site moderating is broken

Never flag text role plays or stuff about sexy shit like horse cocks or whatever, faggot bronies do that all the time, and its fine since its just text, its not harming anyone. Only deal with images.

Sometimes people like to post images of "SFW" porn. That's like porn images that have been drawn over in paint and stuff to make it look SFW. If you can still see anything that breaks the rules above, on the "SFW porn" image, flag it. Otherwise let it be.

Flag bans vary in time. If you ban a user for anything except spam, the first time that user gets banned its one hour. The second time is 1 hr + 10%. It adds 10% each time. If you flag a user 8 times (for example) they get banned for 8 hrs, but if you flag them the second time (for 8 flags), they get banned for 8.8 hrs. Spam flags start at 24hrs the first time, and follow the same pattern as any other kind of flag. Most of those spam accounts get flagged for a few days worth of bans, and just make a new account. Flags to an anonymous comment bans that IP from posting as anonymous for life since anonymous is so easy to abuse

If you don't login for 5 days, you will automatically lose your moderator status. Its a security failsafe. To ensure your mod status when you return (if you have to leave) just make sure one of the three head mods know. (Tehbestever,phanact, and mrepicly)

If you see a mod doing something that they're not supposed to do, tell mrepicly. He keeps track of mod complaints, from users and other mods.

What to and not to flag
Flagging Links

Piracy links such as and are to be marked as spam, "Naked Kasia" share to view nudes sites are spam too. Links that are porn sites such as should be marked as NSFW, all the rest should be SFW

02/01/2014 - Removed Nude Classical Art.
02/01/2014 - Added Link Flagging.
01/31/2014 - Added Borderline Flag.