Guide on what will/will not get you flagged/banned.

A lot of users are confused as to the new rules, so this is directed for you, the user, to read and understand the updated rules on FJ, and what is and is not allowed anymore. Most of this will be adapted from the mod guide listed here:

A moderator is not supposed to flag you simply because they don't like you. They always need a reason to ban anyone, no matter the case. They also should not hold back from flagging friends. They are advised against making comments about being a mod as it'll only get users mad and stuff. You really shouldn't know who the mod is. They're supposed to flag you no matter who they are. Moderators who are confused about flagging are supposed to ask other moderators before flagging. And they shouldn't unflag ANYTHING without talking to a higher level mod first. Mods can't ban you because you ask. It doesn't make sense. That doesn't mean that you should post porn in order to get banned if you want to get banned. You should have the discipline to get off FJ yourself, no one can force you.

Lets get down to the rules
As most users know, NSFW is anything that isn't appropriate for a work environment. (Yes, you shouldn't be on FJ anyway during work, but these are the rules/guidelines that advertisers require, and in order to keep FJ a free site, we must cater to the advertisers who fund the website and keep it alive. Every time you post NSFW, you hurt the website and its ability to stay online for your enjoyment. Its best to link it instead of posting it.)

This list is mostly taken from

- Anime/movie gore will be flagged if its REALLY disturbing. Like over the top gross and making people be disturbed. If its just simple blood and stuff, it won't be flagged since its not real and no one was harmed in the making of it

- Copyright will not get you banned. If the copyright holder has an issue with it, it will go through admin. Mods do not ban for copyright.

- Hate speech is an implemented flag option in the event that we need it. Its not a reason for any mod to ban.

- Trolling and posting spoilers won't get you banned. As long as trolling doesn't break any other rules, its fine.

- Spam is defined as two different things. This is what it says directly on the mod guide. “Only flag for two reasons. 1. If the user is posting monotization link (my neighbor made 1000$ an hr sucking dicks for a living; comments like these) flag them as spam, and go to every other comment made by the account and flag it as spam (Since they're always new accounts who just spam those stupid links) 2. If a user is repeatedly posting the same thing over and over again and users are getting upset by it. (I.e. we wouldn't flag geckosandcheerios back then since everyone loved him) If its a guy spamming rolls over and over on a roll related content, that's fine. If someone is posting the same thing in reply to someone on a board all the time, that's fine. Be more lenient with children comments (I.E. comments that are in relpy to someone). If someone is just spamming rolls once every 4 seconds on the same page over and over, and users are thumbing it down/sending in flags/complaining about the user, you can flag them for spam. If some guy decides to be funny and post the same image all over the front page content, and posts it like 40-50 times, you can flag that (because by the time he can post it that many times, users can get upset by it) Anything else we don't flag for as spam. When it comes to a user posting things on their profile, they can spam their own profile as long as its not mentioning someone, by rolls or any other means. Essentially if it doesn't harm anyone (like their own profile) don't flag it”

- NSFW YouTube thumbnails are supposed to be flagged. Mods don't flag the actual video itself unless you can see something from the thumbnail.

- Harassment will only be banned if its posting personal information like a phone number, house address, full name, work numbers, anything that will let you be tracked down. Just posting a picture of another user IRL is not bannable as its almost impossible to put a name to the face.

- Dildoes, fleshlights, and condoms. Any sort of sex toy is NSFW and will be banned. Anything phallic or sexual is NSFW. A condom inside a wrapper is fine, but if its rolled out, its pretty much just like a dick.

- Crude drawings of any sort of genetalia, as long as it can be identified as genetalia, is NSFW. Dickbutt is included. Any form of dickbutt with a dick on his butt is bannable. We've decided against flagging images of just his body since its hardly noticeable as a penis. Same with vaginas and boobs and stuff like that

- Fecal matter will be flagged as gore. I know it doesn't make sense but in the ban reason for gore it says “Disgusting/Disturbing images” so that's why mods flag it for that.

- Human gore is iffy. A bleeding finger will not be banned, but someones head being bashed in and their neck being split and other things like that will be banned. If its a car crash and you can't see the person being hurt directly it'll be fine. Its hard to explain this in depth, as its instance by instance.

- Animal gore will be banned if its harming the animal in any way. If its a cap falling in those funny cat videos, its fine. If its a dog with its head cut off or something, that'll be flagged.

- People getting shot/hanged and stuff like that will fall under the same guidelines as human gore

- Nudity is very simple. If tits, asses, vaginas, or dicks are visible, mods will flag it. This includes cartoons or not.

- Obviously CP/Illegal NSFW images need to be flagged. This includes lolicons (even in NSFW). If a mod is completely positive that the image of the girl they're looking at is underaged, even if its from a hentai or something, they will flag it. We don't allow lolicons.

- Soft porn: Anything looking up the skirt or dress of a woman, seeing panties, will be flagged. Any woman on a bakini where her tits are the main focus (popping out of her bra; camera centered on her boobs; her sitting in a seductive pose with huge cleavage) will be flagged. If its a girl in a bakini, and a mod can see a huge cameltoe, that will be flagged. Anything where the nipples pop through whatever they're wearing, will also be flagged. Just because the nipples are covered, or the dick/vagina has a gigantic black box on it doesn't mean its safe for work. If a mod sees too much around the crotch area, it will be flagged. A woman rubbing her boobs, or another guy rubbing a womans boobs is usually NSFW. I.E. Megamilk. A woman shaking her ass, jiggling as the main focus of the post, will be flagged as well. If a mod sees semen (and its never actually milk, even though users will claim it is) they will flag it.

-Classical art with nudity will be banned. The reason we decided this is because its rarely ever relevant on this site, and any time that someone would post classical art would be to bypass the 'no nudity' rule since users think its safe. Even if its relevent, it should be flagged. A boob is a boob, and a dick is a dick, weather or not it was a drawing in paint in 2013 or a statue made in year 413